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BC Just Doubled The Value Of Empty Plastic Bottles To Persuade You To Recycle

Return-It in B.C. will now give you even more change for your empty bottles.
BC Just Doubled The Value Of Empty Plastic Bottles To Persuade You To Recycle

Recycling is about to get a whole lot more profitable in B.C. According to a press release, the value of plastic bottles in B.C. will double very soon. This deposit increase means that you can return your purchase and get more money back. If you weren't on board with recycling before, you may want to reconsider. 

In order to do this successfully, Return-It In B.C. is bumping up the price of bottle deposits for all “ready-to-drink” beverage containers. These containers will be anything containing pop, juice, water, or energy and sports drinks up to one litre in size. 

According to Return-It, the deposits will increase to 10 cents by November 1, 2019. So get ready to save big, because if you return these bottles, you will get the full 10-cent refund. 

While it may not seem like much, it does add up. You may not be able to buy a house with all the money you will be getting back, but maybe you could treat yourself to something special. Either way, you are saving the environment, so why not recycle and get paid for it? 

According to the press release, this province-wide increase is designed to provide consumers with even more incentive to dispose of their plastic bottles the right way.

“B.C. is already a leader when it comes to protecting our environment and being at the forefront of industry product stewardship. The increase we are announcing today is an important step forward to optimize our system and increase recovery rates,” said Allen Langdon, President & CEO of Return-It.

Back in 2018, Return-It focused on increasing the recovery rate to 77.4% in hopes of diverting containers away from landfills, oceans, and waterways. 

In September of this year, the B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy launched a consolation on developing its Clean BC Plastics Action Plan. As part of this process, the government decided on a 10-cent increase on all beverage containers to increase the return rate. 

While this is a universal rate that will be applied across the province, it will only be applied to bottles that are 1 litre or less. According to the RCBC Recycling website, anything over one litre is 20 cents. 

Don't worry, it's easy to return your purchases as Return-It has over 160 bottle depot locations across the province. To find the one nearest you, you can visit their website.

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