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PNE Lost Stuffed Bunny

A little girl and her mother (and the girl's stuffed bunny) spent the day at the PNE. Unfortunately, one member of the group wanted to stay a little longer, because the girl lost her stuffed bunny at the PNE and returned home without it.

Obviously, this was a big deal. The girl's mother, Andrea Van Enter, did what any mom would do: she sent out an SOS to anyone who had seen the bunny.

The PNE is a big fair, and even though Van Enter knew where she had left the bunny, there was no guarantee that anyone had seen it or would return it if they had found it. However, like any good mom would do for her kids, Van Enter kept trying.

The stuffed bunny meant a lot to her daughter, and as Van Enter mentioned in her tweet, it had been with her since birth. Van Enter sent out one more tweet, hoping that something could be done and that the rabbit would be found.

Then, something amazing happened. Against all odds, the official PNE Twitter account replied to Van Enter, with a photo of a stuffed rabbit. It just so happened that it was, in fact, the rabbit Van Enter was looking for.

Van Enter tweeted out a confirmation that this was her rabbit and expressed her gratitude to the staff for finding it. Eventually, the rabbit made its way back home, and Van Enter shared photos of her very happy daughter reunited with her long-eared friend.

The bunny didn't return home alone, however. The staff at the PNE went above and beyond making sure it got home safely. They had also sent along a stuffed chicken (as well as a few treats) for the little girl. Included with the rabbit was a handwritten note that shared the little rabbit's story:

Your bunny seems to have gone on a little PNE Fair adventure and missed bedtime tonight! She managed to meet a chicken friend (hope it's ok that she brought her new friend home!) and they went to the market and everyone felt bad that they were lost so they gave them each a treat. Once our PNE staff saw them they came to our daily management meeting then waited beside our manager of agriculture's desk until we found their family. They feel bad that they arrived home so late but have lots of fair memories from their day of adventure! Hugs from the PNE Team!

All in all, it was a big day for the lost stuffed rabbit, but it was able to find its way home thanks to some great people at the PNE. 

Luckily, for any other parents who ever have a child lose their favorite stuffed toy, there's a service in Canada that will help locate it and send it back home! All they have to do is contact 1-774-VRBOTDY or and they will help them find it! 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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