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Poop Highlighter Now Exists... And A Highlighter For Your Vagina Is Coming In 2018

2017 was officially the year of blinding highlighters. From Rihanna's Fenty Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife to Farsali's Unicorn Tears and Jelly Beam Illuminator, there was definitely no shortage of blinding cheeks on your Instagram, YouTube, or in real life.

But just when you thought the highlighter trend couldn't get any crazier, a new cosmetic brand has launched a "poop" highlighter. Not only that, but vaginal highlighters have also become a thing and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw them start trending in 2018. The highlighting craze is endless.

Clean Slate Cosmetics actually launched their "poop" highlighters, officially named as "Whipped Highlighters", back in November 2017. But not until one of YouTube's most trusted and most popular vloggers, Tati Westbrook, reviewed the product has it started to make waves.

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Now, before you start cringing at the sight of this "poop" highlighter, Tati actually had some really positive things to say about it. According to her YouTube video, these Whipped Highlighters are actually highly pigmented, ultra-glowy, long-lasting, and look stunning on the cheekbones.

Though as you will see in her video that the Whipped Highlighter doesn't arrive at your door in the form of all its poop and glory (instead it's actually quite flat and compressed in the container), this indie product still stands as a pretty bomb ass highlighter that she would 100% recommend.

And while the poop highlighter is making its entrance into the new year, so is an equally bizarre beauty product, the vaginal highlighter. Now available in Canada is the Shade's of V's Very V Luminizer by the Scandinavian brand, The Perfect V.

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According to the product description on The Perfect V's website, the product claims to "renew and improve the skin, making it appear more youthful and fresh, brightens and minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections", as well as contain "luminous iridescent colour to add some extra prettiness to the V"... I kid you not, I am literally quoting verbatum. "Prettiness"... 🙄🙄🙄.

So there you have it. If highlighting your cheekbones, temples, nose bridge, cupid's bow and chin aren't enough for you, I guess you could consider highlighting your vag too.