Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich Is Officially Coming To Conquer Canada “Later This Year”

It's finally coming!
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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Canada Launch Is In The Works For Later In The Year

Chicken fans rejoice, there are some major developments with a very popular sandwich. It took a while but those battered and breaded delights that caused fights in the U.S. are finally coming north of the border. The Popeyes chicken sandwich Canada launch is in the works to happen later in the year and it's time to get excited!

There are a lot of Popeyes locations across Canada but the fast-food chain's now-famous sandwich never made it's way to the true north. 

Chicken lovers nationwide had to watch as people in the U.S. got to feast on and fight over the sandwiches.

Now Canadians will have the chance to go wild over the food when it finally launches here.

On February 14, a 680News reporter first tweeted that he got confirmation from Popeyes' chief corporate officer that there are plans to launch the sandwich here later in the year.

"As previously reported we plan to bring the sandwich to Canada later this year, but have not yet announced specific dates," a Popeyes spokesperson told Narcity.

The all-white-meat breast fillet is marinated in a blend of authentic Louisiana seasonings and then hand-battered and breaded in a special buttermilk coating.

It's served with pickles and classic or spicy mayonnaise on a toasted brioche bun.

Sounds delicious!

Popeyes announced the new sandwich in the south in August 2019 and its launch there had people lining up to get a taste. 

It caused such an uproar that it actually sold out in the U.S.

However, the hype around the sandwich did lead to a tragedy. Someone was killed by another customer after being confronted for cutting the line.

"Think of this as the iPhone of chicken sandwiches or the Air Jordan of chicken sandwiches. It’s not an ordinary sandwich," Felipe Athayde, Popeyes' president, told the Financial Post when it first launched. 

Athayde got lots of questions from people in Canada on when it would be coming up here.

"Given the very strong response from Canada, one of the first things [the team was] briefed with was: Once we can make sure supplies are re-established here in the U.S., Canada will be definitely one of the first countries in consideration," he said.

The fast-food chain has also shown some love for Canada recently other than bringing its famous sandwich here.

In January it offered a Canadian woman $10,000 worth of Popeyes after a clip of her saying Popeye's favourite food was chicken on Family Feud went viral.

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