If you're familiar with the brand The Ordinary or the parent company Deciem you know that they've quickly cornered a pocket of the beauty community with their clean and affordable skincare products. The Canadian brand has even been shouted out by glam queen Kim Kardashian, who named dropped one of their serums as her beauty secret on slowing down the ageing process. 

And while the The Ordinary line has always been easily available to those who live in Toronto (where the company is founded), it really became accessible Canada-wide when Deciem allowed Sephora to stock their shelves with its The Ordinary skincare products

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However for those have fallen in love with The Ordinary line and can only find the brand at their local Sephora, we have some devastating news for you! 

The CEO of Deciem himself has confirmed that he's pulling his brand off Sephora's shelves and the reason why was aired out all over the official Deciem Instagram page this weekend. 

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Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem and the person who runs the company's social media account, has a long history of speaking his mind via the company's social media platforms. Believing in extreme transparency to a point where just a few months ago his actions caused Canadians to take to Instagram and Twitter and burn his products in protest

This weekend he shared a tidbit of knowledge on the Deciem x Sephora relationship that has many The Ordinary junkies worried. Truaxe revealed that The Ordinary is actually leaving Sephora and will be launching on sites like Ulta and Douglas 'imminently'. 

If you're wondering why, he exposed it all on the Deciem Instagram account today. 

According to Brandon, the reason for this breakup is because Sephora hasn't been paying Deciem in a timely manner. 

So far, there's been no word from Sephora on the matter and when you head over the the Sephora website, The Ordinary products are still available for sale. However there are customer complaints that the items have been out of stock for seemingly forever and a new batch of items haven't become available in a very long time.

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While we have no idea if Deciem and Sephora are for sure parting ways or if legally there are binds preventing it - we do know that it would be a good time now to stock up on your favorite The Ordinary items - just in case.