Calling all Popaholics! Social media sensation Dr. Sandra Lee, AKA Dr. Pimple Popper, is getting her own tv show. 

The series which is simply titled Dr. Pimple Popper is launching on July 11, with six episodes on TLC.  

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Dr. Lee, a dermatologist, has already had so much success on social media and with her own Youtube channel, on which she posts videos of her removing various cysts, pimples, and blackheads of insane sizes. 

The new TLC show will differ a bit from her Youtube videos by not only showing the extractions but letting viewers get to know the patients and their usually emotional backstories of how Dr. Lee is changing their lives. 

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The network is also saying that in the show, Dr. Lee will face her biggest cyst yet, which is very exciting news for the millions of people out there who are intrigued by this kind of stuff. 

Popping pimples can be really gross and queasy for some people, especially if they are massive ones, but for others, they find it super satisfying and some even think it's relaxing. That explains why Dr. Lee has over three million subscribers to her Youtube channel. 

On #DrPimplePopper, each pop is more EXTREME than the next! 😱
Click below to get a first look at the breakout new series premiering July 11th at 10/9c!

14 June 2018

This is Dr. Lee's second stint on TLC. Her first was a two-episode special called "This Is Zit" which aired earlier this year. The new show premieres on Wednesday, July 11, at 10 pm EST.