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A Ferry From Washington To Oregon Is In The Works & The Trip Will Take Under An Hour

Whether you are commuting to work or just looking for a quick vacation, travelling to your favourite quirky city is about to get easier. Vancouver is could be getting a ferry line to Portland. It’s time to start packing your bags because a new proposed ferry from Washington to Oregon is in discussion and it could become a reality very soon. 

The perfect weekend getaway is always nearby in Washington. 

From the gorgeous sights in Seattle to the busy city of Portland, taking a road trip with your friends is the best. Even if it's just to indulge in the closest In-N-Out Burger.

But your trip to Portland could be made easier with the new proposed ferry. 

This ferry proposed by Friends of Frog Ferry is aiming to bring commuters and vacation seekers a fast and safe way to see Portland. 

According to the company's website, thy wants to “bring a safe and sustainable river-friendly public passenger ferry service to the region” in order to reduce congestion, contribute to cleaner air and water, and provide community livability. 

The website writes that “Portland is the last major metropolitan river city in the nation to not have water-based transit” which means there is certainly a market for it. 

While there is no exact date as to when this could be in operation, things are moving forward. 

On Tuesday, March 10, Friends of Frog Ferry held a press conference where the company stated they were given a $200,000 grant by Oregon Department of Transportation in addition to a $40,000 grant provided by the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

This money is set to go towards an Operational Feasibility Study and Finance Plan that will be conducted in the summer of 2020. 

Friends of Frog Ferry wrote on their website that this study would be an “assessment of current infrastructure, what is needed, how much it is going to cost, and a recommendation for how to pay for it.”

The proposed ferry will allegedly hold anywhere from 100 to 149 people per trip. 

Altogether, the proposed ferry would dock at nine stops from Vancouver including St. John's, Swan Island, Convention Center, Salmon Springs, OMSI, OHSU, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, and Oregon City.

KGW8 has explained that a trip from Vancouver to Salmon Springs would take about 38 minutes. This a huge time saver, regardless of if you’re going for work or leisure. 

As for the ticket cost, expect to pay a daily ticket fee of $5.50. This means you could literally skip Starbucks for the day and head into a rad new city.

If you're wanting to hit the open water more than once, a monthly pass of $125 might be in your best interest. 

While no operation date has been announced, KGW8 has been informed that Friends of Frog Ferry aim to be operational by spring 2023.

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