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A Canadian Company Is Selling Replica Post Malone Tattoos In Case You're "Always Tired"

You can give them as holiday gifts!
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A Canadian Company Is Selling Replica Post Malone Tattoos In Case You're "Always Tired"

A Canadian company is offering up semi-permanent tattoos for people who aren't quite ready to commit to ink and a famous face inspired one of the collections. Post Malone face tattoos are available from Inkbox for you to tattoo on yourself. So now you can look just like Post Malone.

Inkbox, headquartered in downtown Toronto, has a new collection of tattoos inspired by the artist for people to buy. The semi-permanent tattoos are all replicas of his face and neck tattoos. 

So if the "always tired" tattoo under Posty's eyes speaks to you on a spiritual level but you don't want a permanent face tattoo, because you aren't making tons of money performing, Inkbox has you covered.

"One-third of millennials report having at least one tattoo, and Gen Z is on track for keeping that trend going," said Tyler Handley, CEO and co-founder of Inkbox, in a news release. "Inkbox gives its users the ability to explore different versions of themselves, without the permanent commitment."

The tattoos in the Post Malone collection range in price from CA$22 to CA$30 and include his classic "always tired", "stay away", sword and barbed wire tattoos to name a few. 

This collection is part of Inkbox's new product For Now Ink. 

It's the second generation of Inkbox tattoos and the tattoos apply in one to two minutes and look just like permanent tattoos with shading and complex linework. 

According to the company, the ink sinks painlessly into the upper layer of the skin to change the colour of the skin for the tattoo.

[rebelmouse-image 25957744 photo_credit="Inkbox" expand=1 original_size="3648x5472"]

With all Inkbox tattoos, the ink lasts for one to two weeks and then fades as the skin naturally regenerates.

"The tattoos are much more detailed now, with nearly unlimited design possibilities ranging from fine-line all the way to photorealism," said Handley. "This gives Inkbox the ability to replicate a creative's artwork exactly as imagined."

Inkbox has more than 4,000 designs along with an option for custom tattoos. 

If you're looking for a holiday gift, Inkbox wants to help to fulfil everyone's holiday shopping list. Plus its popular tiny tattoos are great for a stocking stuffer.

All Inkbox tattoos are available online to ship anywhere in Canada and at its Toronto location.

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