Post Malone Rocked A Floral Granny Dress During His Home Concert Today (PHOTOS)

He promised a show & he delivered. 🌻
Post Malone's Nirvana Concert Included Him Rocking A Granny Dress

Any true Posty fan knows he's not one to play by the rules and that includes his bold fashion choices. Post Malone's Nirvana concert included him rocking a granny dress for his home concert today. And it was epic.

In an Instagram post earlier this week, he teased out his tribute concert with one simple word -  "Friday :)." He even gave out his number to fans so they could text him and tune into the event.

His live show kicked off today at 3 p.m. PST from his home bar (because where else would he hold it?). 

Anyone who tuned in got free front row seats to Posty chugging a beer and belting out classic Nirvana tunes like "All Apologies" and "Come As You Are."

He crushed it 100 percent.

If you have some serious FOMO, don't sweat it. The concert taping will stay up on YouTube for anyone who wants to come and watch it.

For all you 21+ folks, why not kick back with him and crack open a cold one of your own?

[rebelmouse-image 25978745 alt="Post Malone " photo_credit="Post Malone | YouTube" expand=1 original_size="689x351"]

And while an up close and personal Posty concert is amazing enough, things got even better.

The heartthrob donned a long multi-colored flower granny dress along with his signature trucker cap and a shell necklace. Even some of the band members joining him had brightly-colored flower dresses on too!

We love the carefree attitude he has. But his heart is even bigger.

All of the proceeds from his concert go towards the United Nations Foundations COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. So far, the show has raised over $2.3 million and counting. Any donations you give will be doubled by Google.

How cool is that?

We stan a celebrity who gives back. Cheers to Malone and all of the celebs who are using their star power for good.

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