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Pot Sales In Canada Have Been Released And The Most Random Province Is Beating Everyone By A Long Shot

Statistics Canada discovered the province with the highest legal pot sales since the drug's legalization.
Pot Sales In Canada Have Been Released And The Most Random Province Is Beating Everyone By A Long Shot

It's now been a few months since cannabis was officially legalized across Canada and while the launch may not have been as smooth for some provinces as it had been for others, overall issues have calmed down for the most part. Of course with the drug being legalized, came a lot of excited and curious Canadians who wanted to check out legal weed for themselves meaning a lot of cannabis purchases in the first few weeks of legalization. 

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Naturally, Statistics Canada recorded information surrounding the event of legalization and compiled some interesting results to say the least. Their study accounted for the sales of each province when it came to legal weed within the first six weeks of the drug being legalized in Canada. 

While one would assume the numbers would be pretty consistent across the board, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, there was a dramatic difference in sales when you compared provinces. To make matters even more shocking, a lot of the provinces you assumed would rank the highest didn't even crack the top five! 

We've compiled the data into a list ranked from least amount of legal pot sales per capita to the most. So if you are curious where your province ranks, just keep scrolling! 

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British Columbia

Per capita sales: $0.69

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Per capita sales: $1.29

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Per capita sales: $1.54

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Per capita sales: $2.53

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Per capita sales: $4.53

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New Brunswick 

Per capita sales: $6.87

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Newfoundland & Labrador 

Per capita sales: $8.17

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Nova Scotia

Per capita sales: $11.34

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Prince Edward Island

Per capita sales: $13.83

*Data on Manitoba was not available.

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If you are shocked by British Columbia's numbers specifically, the low number has to do with the widely tolerated grey market in the province when it comes to dispensaries. As opposed to provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia didn't stage shutdowns throughout the province for pre-existing dispensaries distributing illegal cannabis.

Regardless it's quite surprising that Atlantic Canada clearly exceeds other areas of the country when it comes to legal pot sales. This can easily be attributed to the Atlantic provinces being a lot more prepared for the legalization of cannabis than others. It's also relevant that Atlantic Canada topped a different list when it came to provinces with the most pot smokers, meaning they've got a larger market to work with!

Source: Global News