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New Billboards In Nova Scotia Are Clapping Back At The PPC's Anti-Immigration Billboards

"Immigration Grows: the economy, jobs, and diversity."
Ontario Editor
New Billboards In Nova Scotia Are Clapping Back At The PPC's Anti-Immigration Billboards

Three Nova Scotia companies are responding to the People Party of Canada's anti-immigration billboards by posting billboards of their own with a positive immigration message around the province. Putting up postive immigration messages weeks after Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada were spotted on billboards stating "say NO to mass immigration", has led to an abundance amount of support from fellow Canadians. 

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce, EduNova and ISANS have all banded together to create five messages that will be rotating on electronic billboards in Halifax. All five messages showcase a positive perspective when it comes to immigration and showcase what immigration really means to residents in Nova Scotia. 

One billboard has the words, "Immigration Grows: the economy, jobs, and diversity."  While another message states, "Immigration... It's our strength, it's our story." 

Stephen McNeil, the Premier of Nova Scotia even retweeted some photos of the already rotating billboards stating, "Here's what immigration really means to Nova Scotia." 

Global states that these three companies are choosing to 'fight fire with fire' by using the same topic as the PPC, yet with a much more positive message. 

These billboards come weeks after the People's Party of Canada Billboards started to appear around Canada. The billboards which featured the words "Say NO To Mass Immigration" received backlash by fellow Canadians over their negative message. 

After public outrage, the advertisement company who owned the billboards, Pattison Outdoor Adervtisment, removed the billboards only days after they had first been put up. 

However, while the topic of these new billboards is the same, the message is a positive one, informing fellow residents exactly how beneficial immigration is to those in Nova Scotia. 

When Patrick Sullivan, CEO opened up about the boards, he stated, "Let's get the facts out about the good things immigration is doing in our area." 

While the recent PPC billboards played a role in these positive messages, The Halifax Chamber of Commerce has been promoting immigration for years and says they will continue to do so in the future. 

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