"Prank Encounters" On Netflix Canada Is The Best "Stranger Things" & "Scare Tactics" Combo

The show will hit Netflix on October 25.
"Prank Encounters" On Netflix

With Halloween approaching so quickly, things have truly never been spookier. Fanatics of the holiday spend all of October getting prepared for the upcoming festivities - picking out the perfect costume, carving pumpkins, loading up on candy, and of course, watching scary movies. If you're the kind of person who can't handle watching horror films yourself, don't worry, you can still get your share of entertainment this Halloween season. Prank Encounters on Netflix Canada combines Stranger Things and Scare Tactics.

While Netflix has been releasing an insane lineup of horror movies this October, they're also making sure to take care of their viewers who aren't into super scary or gory content and who still want to get into the Halloween spirit. The solution that Netflix came up with, you ask? A prank show that's equally spooky and hilarious!

The new series is called Prank Encounters and is hosted and executive produced by Gaten Matarazzo, who you probably recognize from his role as Dustin on the hit Netflix original, Stranger Things. Like many other shows of its kind, Prank Encounters is a hidden camera show that pairs complete strangers together and gives them the surprise of a lifetime, with a few supernatural twists, of course.

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The series was initially announced back in June of 2019 but was quickly criticized for its choice of participants. The show's description said that people in the series were under the impression that they were looking for jobs, but critics said that it was wrong to mess with innocent people looking for work.

Netflix defended the controversial show, explaining that everyone involved was paid for their time, and they were expecting nothing more than a one-day, hourly gig.

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Prank Encounters will have a total of eight episodes, all of which will be available for streaming on Netflix on October 25 — just in time for Halloween! You can check out the trailer for the upcoming series below.