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Ontario's Auditor General Is Calling BS On Doug Ford's Climate Change Plan

“Ontario is warming faster than the global average.”
Premier Doug Fords Climate Change Plan Is Apparently Faulty According To Ontario's Auditor General

Ontario's Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk has a new annual report. In this year's report, Doug Ford's climate change plan is being questioned. The Premier's plan will apparently fall short of the province's greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030. According to the Auditor General, Ford's calculations are "faulty" and not based on "sound evidence."

In the three-volume, 1,176-page report, Lysyk warns that “Ontario is warming faster than the global average,” according to the Toronto Star.

Lysyk notes that the Paris Agreement target is to reduce emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 which she believes Ford's government will not accomplish.

Even Canada's youth notices that climate change in the country is a major problem. In fact, 15 teens have filed to sue the government.

Ford is not the only Conservative to face the brunt of climate change scrutiny. PC leader Andrew Scheer was criticized for not participating in climate strikes throughout the country a few months ago.

According to the Toronto Star, Ford says that the plan is on track. Conversely, an internal analysis by the environment ministry has seen that the proposed ideas won’t actually do the job, according to the report. 

Just last week, Ford announced that he was proud of cutting ties with Green Energy deals in the province. However that move could potentially cost taxpayers more than $230 million, which Ford's government acknowledges.

Apparently, the Conservative government's calculations are flawed on many levels according to Lysyk, given that initiatives like the cap-and-trade program were scrapped last summer. 

However, the environment ministry projects that sales of electric vehicles will rise to 1.3 million in 2030. There have already been 41,000 sold up until now, according to The Star.

Lysyk found that there are “no policy mechanisms” that help increase sales since cash incentives for buyers and the installation of more charging stations have been cancelled over a year ago.

According to the report, some emissions reductions were actually double-counted and overstated because they are targeted in more than one of the programs. 

Just last week, Energy Minister Greg Rickford denied the danger of rising greenhouse gas emissions in order to justify cancelling more than 750 renewable energy projects, costing taxpayers about $231 million, according to The Star.

“We believe climate change is real,” said Ford in response.

“The minister of energy has one of the toughest jobs down there, cleaning up the mess that the NDP and the Liberals created for this province — creating a mess that made us uncompetitive,” he told The Star, while also blaming green energy projects for the high electricity bills.

Although Ford believes in his plan, the Auditor's report says otherwise.

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