New Poll Shows That Quebec, Saskatchewan & Alberta Like Their Premiers The Most

Doug Ford came second last, in case you were wondering.
Premiers Of Canada Popularity Determined With New Poll In September 2019

Now that Canada is well into election season, most of the spotlight is being focused on the federal candidates, their campaigning, and even their controversies. However, the results of the latest quarterly poll by DARTMaru are here to remind us which Canadian premiers are the most popular in their respective provinces

The DARTMaru BluePoll is conducted every three months to determine Canadians’ approval or disapproval of their provincial leaders. About 5,273 randomly selected Canadian adults were asked if they approve or disapprove of their respective premiers.

The poll found that Quebec likes their premier the most, with Premier Francois Legault maintaining his approval rating of 59 percent from the last quarter. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is down two percent this quarter, with a 58 percent approval rating. Next up is Premier Jason Kenney, also maintaining his 55 percent approval rating from Alberta.

Last on the list is Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil, whose rating has actually gone up five percent to 19 percent this quarter. Just above him is Premier Doug Ford at 26 percent, having lost three percent of Ontario’s approval. 

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and Newfoundland Premier Dwight Ball are both at 40 percent this quarter, where both of their ratings have gone up since the last quarter. British Columbia Premier John Horgan comes in fourth with a 47 percent approval rating while New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is down to 43 percent this quarter.

So, why does Quebec like their premier so much? While there might not be a definitive answer to this question, a recent act by Legault could give some insight into why he has gained Quebec’s trust and high approval. Though, it’s also worth mentioning that the 2018 Quebec general election saw a landslide victory for the Coalition Avenir Québec, with Legault winning 74 of 125 seats and unseating the Quebec Liberal Party.

On September 18, Montreal Gazette reported that Legault had outlined a list of demands that he wants federal political leaders to address in their campaigns. These were taken from the CAQ nationalist election platform. 

"I’m trying to defend the interests of Quebec and Quebecers," Legault said. "The majority of Quebecers would like Quebec to have more power in those subjects. I think we are more respected (in Canada) because we are asking."

Part of these demands includes giving Quebec the power to select its own number of immigrants in each category of new arrivals and to set the conditions of granting them permanent residency. Legault also repeated that he wants federal leaders to respect Quebec’s new secularism law by pledging not to participate in any legal challenges against it.

"I want to reassure the federal leaders that we undertake this in good faith, that we want to fully participate in the Canadian federation, that we want a real partnership with the other provinces and the federal government," he said. "But a real partnership starts with mutual respect."

According to Montreal Gazette, Legault believes his demands are widely supported by Quebec voters and that this list is reasonable. He insists he has leverage because these factors will have an impact in the coming election on October 21.

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