To wear or not to wear a mask, that is the question. There are no strict requirements for them yet, but some Canadians have taken to wearing them when they go out. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed when he chooses to wear a mask.

During his daily address on May 20, Trudeau was asked about his personal approach to when he would be wearing a mask.

The Prime Minister described his personal routine for wearing a mask while working on Parliament Hill.

He began by acknowledging that everyone's situation is different, and that people should be listening to the advice of public health authorities.

"When it is possible for me to keep two metres distance from people, that is what I prefer to do," he said.

"In situations where I'm either walking through the halls of Parliament or going to my office and coming into proximity with people, I've chosen to start wearing a mask."

Trudeau continued saying that he would be wearing a mask when he goes into Parliament for the in-person sitting, but would be removing it once he is safely distanced from his colleagues.

He added that once he begins heading back to his office and walking through the halls, he will put his mask back on.

"That's my personal choice that is aligned, I think, with what public health is recommending," the Prime Minister said, "I think we all need to adjust to what works in our circumstances and keep safety at the forefront of what we're doing."

Trudeau said he believed public health authorities would have further recommendations on masks later today, but that the most important thing for Canadians to do was to keep socially distancing.

He noted, however, that in situations where people cannot stay two metres apart, they are encouraged to wear masks.  He added that he would let the public health officials make that announcement.

Trudeau has commented on masks before in what became a very meme-able moment. 

When asked back in April about whether people should cover their faces the leader said it would prevent people from "speaking moistly" on each other. The now-iconic line was turned into a song and now even a beer