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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says This Year Will Not Have "Summer As Usual"

Warmer weather is on the way, but what will summer look like? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that this won't be like every other vacation season. Like it or not, the pandemic has changed everything, even how to make summer plans.

During his May 14 address, Trudeau was asked about how he thinks Canadians should handle their summer plans this year. 

"We all want to know what's going to happen in the coming weeks and months," the PM said in French, adding that everyone should still be taking proper precautions such as social distancing and staying home as much as possible.

"Decisions that families make this summer are going to depend on the region in which they find themselves, the rules specific to that area starting in July, so it's a bit too soon to say what the situation will be," Trudeau remarked.

"We do know that it's not going to be summer as usual, that's for sure."

The Prime Minister continued by saying that it will be a much more different scenario than it was six months ago, when people might have made their original summer vacation plans.

"You can't prevent Canadians from going outside when the weather is nice," Trudeau said in response to another question, "you just have to help them do it safely."

During the address, the head of state announced that some national parks would be opening on June 1, providing that they can allow adequate social distancing.

Trudeau said that the government is working to protect the mental health of Canadians as much as their physical well-being.

"Getting that balance right is something we're doing in the short-term," he said, adding that there will be further reflection on how to keep Canadians safe from this pandemic and any potential future ones.

Canada has already seen some of its provinces, including Ontario, moving forward with plans on how to restart their economies.

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