Whether you love or hate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it goes without saying that his role in international affairs has been prominent. He has been in attendance for UN Summits, state dinners and more during the past three years of his leadership. 

But this international role is not one that came without guidance and advice. In a recent interview with NBC's "Meet the Press", Trudeau spoke about the advice that Barack Obama gave him while the former president was preparing to leave the White House. 

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The Trudeau and Obama bromance made hearts swoon last year. Now Ben Rhodes, the former US deputy national security adviser, has taken to writing about it in his new book "The World As It Is". 

The Prime Minister was questioned about an excerpt from the book where Obama advised Trudeau that "your voice is going to be needed more". Obama said, "you're going to have to speak out when certain values are threatened."

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Trudeau said that what he took this advice to mean was that Canadians are recognized globally as "there to help". He said that Canada will always be there to assist other nations while still sticking to our values and interests as a country. 

"We step up when we need to. We're going to be polite, but we're also not going to be pushed around. That need to be firm about projecting our values and defending not just our citizens, but citizens around the world in positive ways is what I consider the responsibility we have as Canadians and what I'll do as a leader," said Trudeau. 

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So how does Trudeau describe Canadians? The Prime Minister said that though we are thoughtful, engaged, polite and welcoming, Canadians also hold firm values. Those values can be seen in the latest tariff dispute between Trump and Trudeau

Nevertheless, it's clear that Obama's presidency has had a long-term effect on not only citizens but also those in power positions.   

Source: Business Insider