Imagine living in a modern castle. You could look over your lands from the top of your turrets and feel like royalty. This particular Prince Edward House For Sale can make anyone feel that way, and it surprisingly costs less than some Toronto condos.

Located at 414 Pownal Road in Pownal, PEI, this 4000 square foot house boasts three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It's also been around for a minute, having been built in 1868.

The real attraction, however, is the twin turrets, which offer great panoramic views of Pownal bay, as well as all of the surrounding green space, that never seem to end. Some of the trees near the property are also over 100 years old.

You can also enjoy those great views from either your upper or lower decks, which would be perfect for a relaxing afternoon spent reading or just breathing in the fresh island air. Or, you can take a relaxing soak in your very own hot tub.

Inside, the house has plenty of features that will make you feel immediately at home. 

The gorgeous kitchen features modern, stainless steel appliances and classic wood touches.

Large windows allow plenty of beautiful, natural light to come in from every angle.

The spacious bedrooms all offer some terrific views, especially those located in the twin turrets. These rooms will be in high demand from anyone moving in. 

Multiple ensuite baths mean that everyone can have their own private space without cluttering up a single bathroom counter.

Modern remodeling helps to accent some of the more classical features, including standalone bathtubs.

The price for this classical, quiet, and comfortable home is a modest $680,000. That's less than some Toronto condos, especially the ones in trendy downtown buildings.

If you're the kind of person craving a peaceful island life while still feeling like a king or queen, this might just be the house that you've been looking for.

414 Pownal Road, Pownal, PEI

Price: $680,000

Description: This century-and-a-half old house comes complete with castle-like turrets. You can't get that on Queen Street!

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