Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are As Good As Engaged - Here's When They'll Announce The News

I hear wedding bells!
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are As Good As Engaged - Here's When They'll Announce The News

After an incredible two weeks of hand-holding, cheek kissing, public encounters of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the two have parted ways. Harry had been in the actress' current home town of Toronto for his charity event, The Invictus Games throughout the month of September. The two have enjoyed each other's company both publicly and privately, thrilling many Torontonians with their appearances throughout the games' duration. Onlookers couldn't wait to get a glimpse at the pair, while also checking Markle's hand for an engagement ring.  

"The day Harry walked through the village to Wheelchair Tennis in front of the photographers [with Meghan] was pretty much spur of the moment. He was just in a great mood, and they kind of looked at each other before like, 'Shall we just get this over with?’" A source revealed. "In a way they wish they didn't leave it for so long because after that initial moment was gone, it suddenly felt very easy to be out there as a couple with people looking at them, photos being taken, etc."

At the Invictus Games closing ceremonies, Harry cuddled up to Meghan in the presence of her mom, who Harry is reportedly very close with. "[Meghan's mom] sees Harry as one of the family and he sees her like family too. Harry has become close with all of Meghan's closest friends—Markus [Anderson], the Mulroneys [Jessica and Ben Mulroney], these are people who have welcomed him with warm and open arms and he's really felt the love and protection." 

As for what's next for the Royal couple? "Harry left Toronto [Sunday] on a high and can't wait to see Meghan next. She has a packed schedule between now and November with Suits, but after that will be an exciting time for them and a new chapter in their relationship." 

"While Meghan may not be wearing a ring or a formal engagement announced, it's fair to say they're as good as engaged now," a source told spilled to E! "They've spoken about their marriage plans openly with each other, and friends and family around them are pretty much thinking about wedding attire already!"

We'll be sure to hear the news as soon as Suits wraps. So come December, get those wedding bells ready!