The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly moving out of their cozy two-bedroom newlywed home at Kensington Palace, and into upgraded accommodations at Windsor Castle. Their new home, called Adelaide Cottage, is a gift from The Queen herself, and its the epitome of royal opulence.

The seven-gated entrance to Adelaide Cottage will give the Duke and Duchess enhanced privacy, allowing them to come and go without paparazzi attention. The cottage is ranked as a Grade II property, the secondary class of royal estates. But, even for a B-list property, it sounds insanely luxurious.

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According to the Daily Mail, Adelaide Cottage was built in 1813, and underwent major renovations in 2015. It has been home to royal dignitaries and relatives for centuries. Adelaide Cottage is on the Windsor Castle estate, where the couple had their wedding ceremony in May.

The generously sized cottage has a "coved ceiling with gilded dolphins and rope ornament from a 19th Century Royal yacht" in the master bedroom. The home also has a "marble Graeco-Egyptian fireplace" - how romantic!

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Adelaide Cottage is also right by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's private apartments, and a short drive from the Guards Polo Club where Harry often goes. Windsor Castle is also only 40 kilometres from central London, so the location is just as secluded as it is convenient. 

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Harry and Meghan don't really seem like the gilded-dolphins-and-Egyptian-fireplace kind of royal couple, but we're excited for them anyway!

Source: Daily Mail