The big day has finally arrived! On Monday, May 6th, 2019, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially welcomed their first child, a boy, into the world. Royal sources confirmed that Duchess Meghan Markle went into labour early in the morning. At just before 5:30 AM BST, the royal baby was born. Prince Harry's message about his royal son is now beginning to circulate everywhere and it'll absolutely melt your heart!

Prince Harry, who was present for the birth, addressed the media outside of Windsor Castle and with the most precious look on his face, announced the birth of his son to the world. He and Meghan are "absolutely thrilled," he says, and both she and the baby are doing "incredibly well". 

"I'm very excited to announce that Meghan and myself had a baby boy, early this morning, a very healthy boy. Mother and baby are both doing incredibly well, it has been the most amazing experience I could ever possibly imagine," Prince Harry said, beaming at the cameras. "This is definitely my first birth," Harry later added, laughing. "As I said, I'm so incredibly proud of my wife." Awww!

"How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension," Prince Harry said. He also thanked their supporters around the world for sharing in their excitement. When asked about names, Harry said that he and Meghan are still deciding. Since the baby was a bit overdue, they've had extra time to decide on the baby's name, he says.

In a couple day's time, Harry reveals that he and the family will appear before the media once again. As is custom by the royal family, the couple will announce the baby's name and appear before the cameras so that the world can get their very first look at the royal bundle of joy.

Here's Harry's full statement from this morning. Tissues at the ready!