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You Can Buy A Whole Island In Ontario For The Same Price As A Condo In The City

Have you ever dreamed about owning your own private island? Or wondered what it would be like to live completely secluded, away from everyone else on earth? Well, if that sounds like a little piece of heaven to you, then you’re in luck! An international realtor is selling a private island with a beautiful cottage in Northern Ontario, and the whole thing will still cost you less than a condo in the city!

To live on and own your own private island would be a dream come true for many people, and for someone that dream is suddenly a lot closer to reality. The surprisingly affordable property and island comes complete with 7 acres of private land, a helicopter pad, and panoramic views of Lake Nipissing. Once you’ve arrived, you literally will never want to leave!

If the heli-pad and scenic views were not enough to convince you, the house has been described as ‘perfect’ for anybody who enjoys sport fishing. All of Ontario’s top species are living just below the deck, ideal for casting, down rigging or fly fishing. The realtor also reminds potential-buyers that the property is ideally located for snowmobiling and ice fishing, adding, “This could be the Cottage / Camp you've been waiting for.”And all this could be yours, for just $599,000!

If the thought of living alone on a private island with nothing but nature to keep you company makes you feel nervous, Sotheby’s realty assures you that the island is safe as can be. The property runs on solar power with a generator back up, so inhabitants are able to “enjoy all of the comforts of home”. 

To make you feel extra safe, all windows and doors on the island’s property have exterior roll down steel shutters, which are almost guaranteed to protect the house from any dangers.

While $599,000 is certainly no bargain, the average condo in Toronto city actually costs $579,000. For a private island, $600,000 suddenly seems like a pretty good price!

Aside from the fact it is located literally on a private island, the property is otherwise pretty normal. There are three bedrooms and one bathroom (naturally all with spectacular views) and a large, open-plan kitchen and dining area. The house was built in 1996, so it's not particularly old, and has acres and acres of land surrounding the property - perfect for exploring nature!

The private island is located conveniently between North Bay and Callander, in Northern Ontario, and is described as being only a short boat ride from any landing in Callander Bay. Obviously, if you’re bougie enough to own your own helicopter, you can fly in and out of the property with no dramas at all!

The real estate website doesn’t exactly make it clear how you could travel to and from the house if you don’t own your own helicopter or boat, and also neglects to mention how long it takes to get to the nearest town for school, work or even grocery shopping.

While having a private island does sound like an idyllic dream-come-true, you'd have to be a pretty organized person. I don’t think popping out for a bag of milk or take out in the helicopter or boat would be very convenient!