You can probably admit that you've caught yourself lusting over one of the Scott brothers while watching an episode of their show. Jonathan Scott, the handier of the two brothers, definitely makes the ladies swoon when he gets on his knees and does construction work on the homes they remodel. And let's not get started on Drew and his many suits he pulls off so well. If you're a huge fan, then it may not surprise you that the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott's brother is not as well known as they are. 

Their brother's name is J.D. which according to Country Living is short for James Daniel. His IMDb page shows that he actually has a bit of acting history in shorts called The Oracle and Amazon Falls among a few more. He is older than his twin brothers by two years and was also born in their hometown of Vancouver, B.C.

J.D.'s IMDb page says that he has a variety of work experience and, "has spent the last 15 years working within the financial, construction, film and entertainment industries." The Scott Brothers Entertainment Industry which mostly has the twins' faces on it, is also co-owned by their older brother. Country Living also said that J.D. has appeared in Property Brothers At Home and Brothers vs. Brother. 

J.D. posts quite a few photos with his brothers on his Instagram account. So if you're looking for more Drew and Jonathan content, he's a good person to consider following. 

Earlier this year, J.D. announced that he is battling a mystery illness. He shared an update about it in a lengthy Facebook post last month, writing that he was diagnosed with "a bad GI infection", "fluoroquinolone toxicity (also called “Getting Floxed”)", and "acute mercury poisoning". 

On a positive note, J.D. also wrote that he is feeling better than he has over the last few years. And on his Instagram, he shared that he is engaged and getting married this month.

In this family photo from September, J.D. wrote that he's "looking forward to having the gang all together again next month. Even with all the insanity of wedding preparations, I always feel happy when the family is together."

Here's hoping J.D. keeps his health on the up and makes more appearances in the Property Brothers shows cause he seems just as fun and hunky as his brothers. 

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