You may not think of the spooky Halloween season as a romantic time with all the horror movies and creepy decorations, but for Property Brothers J.D. Scott, this was the perfect time for him to tie the knot with his new wife. J.D. and his long-time girlfriend, Annalee Belle, got married yesterday and kept with the theme of the holiday they planned their big day on. Property Brothers J.D. Scott's wedding was Halloween themed and so unique.

J.D. and Belle have been together for well over five years and announced their engagement in November last year. The costume loving couple decided to have a "1940s and ’50s vintage movie theatre theme" wedding according to People, fitted with nontraditional outfits to match. They also said that Belle entered the ceremony on a "stunning black Belgian horse named Zena, while holding a pastel and cream-colored bouquet." And for the food, it was casual dining including "hot dogs, pretzels, and pizza nachos."

Belle shared details on Instagram about her wedding in August writing that, "At some point in my 20s, I decided that if I was going to have a wedding I wanted it to either be a backyard shindig or AN EVENT. We’ve decided to combine both ideas for something really...well, marvelous!" She definitely achieved that yesterday with the small wedding on a private Las Vegas property. 

Drew posted a photo of the groom and his groomsmen all dressed up for the big day. In the caption, he wrote that it was a "flawless victory". J.D. wore his own custom suit to stand out from the groomsmen's matching ensembles, and all of the men sported some fun eyeliner as well. 

Their guests were invited to enjoy the holiday and showed up wearing Halloween costumes, adding to the overall fun and uniqueness of the Las Vegas wedding. 

The newlyweds love dressing up together and have posted tons of photos of them in costumes and matching outfits. A Halloween themed wedding is perfectly fitting for this fun-loving couple.

And their engagement photos were absolutely stunning and featured the couple's love for bright colours and fun outfits.

The entire Scott family even dressed up for the holiday season last year!

J.D. is older than Jonathan and Drew by two years and works in the entertainment industry, sometimes popping in the Property Brothers shows. His new wife is a celebrity makeup artist and model based out of Las Vegas known for her fiery pink hair that she maintains so perfectly. 

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