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Provinces In Canada Were Ranked By Who Is Most Likely To Live The Longest And The Winner Is So Random

You don't need me to tell you that your experience in Canada can completely change depending on where you live. Whether you are reading on the beach in Vancouver or watching the Northern lights in Nunavut, Canada's expansive land mass results in some drastic differences between provinces. As a result, it probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that some Canadians live longer in certain areas than others do. 

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With that in mind, it turns out there is actual data that shows which people in Canada tend to live the longest, and where they live. Meaning if you are looking to squeeze some extra years out of life, you may want to consider moving to one of the areas in the country where residents seem to outlive other Canadians. 

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The map in question was created by MetricMaps and consists of data that was compiled from 2014-2016 and definitely raises an interesting discussion, to say the least: 

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As assumed, most of the major cities had higher life expectancies such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa. Though what was interesting about the map was how provinces such as Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec seemed to have major divides in life expectancy. 

Of course, the further north you get, the lower life expectancy becomes -nearly all of the territories apart from the Yukon were at the <77 level. Surprisingly though, it seemed the largest area with a high life expectancy was along the border of Quebec and New Brunswick! 

While there is no information that shows the reason for higher life expectancy in some areas, it's easy to assume this has to do with the fact that more rural areas have lower life expectancy because of a lack of resources in contrast to larger cities in the country. 

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Clearly, if you choose to go by statistics, you should consider venturing over to Quebec in the near future and staying away from the territories to live the longest life possible. Though it looks like, for the most part, each province has a mixed bag when it comes to life expectancy no matter where you go! 

Source: Metric Maps