Spring Breakers In Florida Are Getting An Extra 2 Weeks Off-Campus Due To The Coronavirus

But don't slack off on that school work just yet!
Public Florida Universities Are Extending Spring Break For Two Weeks Due To Coronavirus

In the wake of the spread of the coronavirus, many venues and institutions are taking precautions and closing their doors entirely. This now includes all Florida state universities, which are moving classes online. The "extended spring break" doesn't necessarily mean time off from classes, however, as they are simply being transitioned to a remote format.

The decision came in an announcement on the State University System of Florida’s official website, stressing that proactive rather than reactive guidance was their focus to keep students and residents safe.

Campuses will remain open with operations continuing as scheduled, with adjustments to be made at the discretion of each university. Students on campus have been encouraged to leave and return home for the next two weeks.

Students already off-campus for vacation or going on their spring breaks soon are also instructed to not return for at least a two-week period after returning from their trips.

The announcement on the website assured readers that the school system is closely monitoring the spread of the virus. Most universities have already set up pages on their websites to help keep students and faculty up to date on their individual plans.

The University of South Florida has canceled all university-sponsored events for the next 30 days and encourages students and staff to check for regular updates on the university page.

While the residence halls will stay open at the University of Tampa, all classes are moving online starting Monday, March 16.

In Tallahassee, Florida State University plans to move all classes online starting Monday, March 23, and resume its regular schedule and in-person classes on Monday, April 6.

Students should contact their colleges for updates and questions surrounding any confusion with their class load and the online class transitions.

It's important that all residents stay safe and up-to-date on news concerning the virus, so be sure to check in with the Florida Department of Health site here.

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