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Publix Just Released Their Own Mask & It's Already Selling Out

Just in time for your next grocery run.

Publix just unveiled its own line of branded coverings made in their iconic green and signature "P" style. They're selling these Publix face masks in packs, but quickly upon their announcement, they were already sold out. The release comes a month after the grocery store banned employees from wearing masks at their store.

The online store is selling two styles, the classic face mask in packs of two at $15.95 and 10 masks for almost $70. They also have a neck gaiter version for $12.95.

These reusable masks are described as a double-layered lightweight polyester that is "breathable" and “designed for everyday use."

Though the masks were made and featured during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Publix says that these masks aren't intended to stop transmission.

"[The] manufacturer makes no representations, express or implied, as to the efficacy of these masks against preventing the spread of any contagions."

Their website also notes that they are not medical grade, nor has the CDC approved or endorsed the face coverings.

If you plan on ordering one, don't expect them to come any time soon. The masks are not expected to ship out until the end of May, according to the website.

Shipping is listed as free, though, which is a perk to offset the delay.

While Publix's online store is set up for their employees, these masks are still up for grabs to the general public.