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Massive Python Found In Surrey This Week Was Likely Someone's 'Abandoned' Pet

Just another reason to never leave the house again.
4-Foot Python In Surrey Found Could Be Someones "Abandoned" Pet (PHOTO)

Snakes. Whether you love them or hate them, coming across one in the wild is almost always startling. Especially if it's in an unexpected area. A surprising photo of a python found in a park in Surrey has been circulating on social media. Thought to be someone’s abandoned pet, the snake gave one resident the surprise of his life when he stumbled upon it on Tuesday, May 19. 

Narcity spoke with Paul Peterson, the man who found the snake in Tynehead Park.

Peterson first saw it out of the corner of his eye. Even without seeing its full length, he immediately recognized it was no garter snake. 

“I approached cautiously to take a few pictures and eventually it curled up away from me. It was not moving quickly, I assumed due to it not being sufficiently warm,” explained Peterson. 

Instead of running away screaming, Peterson stayed collected and contacted animal control when he got home. 

While he wasn't able to measure the snake, Peterson is guessing it was about four feet long. The snake looks certainly substantial. Global News places its length at two feet.

“My initial reaction [to finding it there] was surprised, and then I just thought it was cool because it's not something you see,” he told us. 

“I didn't know if it would bite so I didn't get too close, but it did not look like much of a threat.”

While temperatures may be warming up, it’s not ideal weather for a python, and Peterson didn't think it would last long in the area. 

Since being posted on Facebook, the photo evidence that he snapped has gone viral, and no one can believe what they are seeing. 

Global News has reported that the snake was most likely a pet that was abandoned by an owner that could no longer care for it. 

A ball python, like the one Peterson found, is not venomous. While it can be scary looking, it feeds on mostly small animals such as birds and mice. 

Regardless, we can't imagine what we'd do if we were in Peterson's shoes.