Someone Drove Down An Ontario Highway With Their Doors And Trunk Wide Open (VIDEO)

Don't try this at home.
Someone Drove Down An Ontario Highway With Their Doors And Trunk Wide Open (VIDEO)
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Dashcam footage has caught some pretty interesting things on video. From the hilarious to the outright scary, drivers have seen it all. Recently, a driver in Canada managed to take a hilarious video of a car driving with all its doors and trunk open just to carry a load of wood. The video of the QEW highway driver has since been posted to Facebook and it's getting lots of attention.

David Fafinski was in a car on the QEW Highway in Ontario when he saw the most absurd thing. Fast acting Fafinski whipped out his phone and began recording the bizarre incident to show everyone. 

The video has since been posted online and it really is hard to believe. In the video, a car is seen driving down the highway near the Red Hill Valley Parkway heading toward the Burlington Skyway bridge. In the video, you can see the car cruising with all its doors and trunk open. 

Not only does the car have every single door open, but they are also caring a huge load of wood. So huge, that it is sticking outside of the doors and into the adjoining lanes. 

The car is also carrying a piece of furniture that is so large, it is sticking out of the wide-open trunk. Clearly, this car is not supposed to be carrying this large of a load but that never stopped the driver. 

Fafinski posted the video on his Facebook on May 2nd, 2019, to show everyone how ridiculous this encounter was. As of publication time, the video has almost 30,000 views. 

Most people in the comment section cannot believe how ridiculous the driver must be. Others are worried about how this driver is endangering the others around them. 

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CBC spoke with OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt about the video. Schmidt claimed that this was incredibly unsafe and anything could have flown out of the open doors. “That's not anything you ever expect to see on the highway. It's just straight out ridiculous,” said Schmidt to CBC. 

Although ridiculous indeed, Schmidt said it it's not the first time he has seen something like this on the highway. One time, he stopped a driver of a two-door sports coupe who was transporting a couch through an open door held down by a seatbelt. 

Schmidt did not say if the driver in the video would face any penalties. Nonetheless, it is a great reminder of what not to do. 

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