Quebec residents looking to get their hands on some pot brownies may be out of luck. The provincial government believes that even after cannabis edibles become legal on October 17, 2019, a line will be drawn at cannabis sweets, which will be completely banned in Quebec.

This is not the first time Quebec has made its own rules for the cannabis market. Before the summer recess, the Provincial Government was working to pass Bill 2 which will raise the legal age for purchasing cannabis products from 18 to 21. They’ll get back to trying to pass the bill in September, just in time for a new school year.

The province has also taken steps to limit the appeal of cannabis to a younger demographic. Banning the sale of cannabis-laced sweets was actually recommended by the Canadian Paediatric Society. There have already been more than a dozen instances across Canada where children were hospitalized due to exposure to their parents’ or grandparents’ cannabis products, including edibles.

The federal government, for its part, has provided plenty of resources on cannabis use, including information for parents and teachers.

The Quebec government also wants to cap the amount of THC in non-edible cannabis products to a max of 30 percent. On top of that, they have also outright banned topical cannabis products. These products, unlike edibles or the plant itself, do not actually give the user any sort of high.

Despite edible cannabis products becoming legal on October 17, the rest of the country won’t actually see any in stores until as late as December 2019. Health Canada will start accepting applications to sell the products on October 17, but they must be submitted 60 days in advance.

Only time will tell what kind of cannabis products will actually be available in Quebec. Maybe people will just bring them back as souvenirs from trips to Ontario.