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A Quebec Estate With 2 Log Cabins & A Private Lake Is Perfect If You Hate Other People

It's on the market for just over $2 million.
Quebec Cabins For Sale Sit On Massive Lot With Its Own Private Lake

Are you the kind of person that longs to get away from, well, everything? Then a major move to a secluded, quiet place might just be the ticket. Luckily, there are two Quebec cabins for sale with a huge lot that includes a private lake.

Seclusion is key with this massive property. At 280 acres, there's more than enough space to move around in the summer or winter.

Imagine boating on your very own lake in the warmer months, or snowmobiling around the massive lot during a Christmas getaway.

There's also a private tennis court where you can work on your serve.

The two cabins located on the lot are roughly one kilometre apart (which should help to give you an idea of how big the property is).

The main log house is built directly on the water and features four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The second cabin sits on top of a hill and gives a stunning view of the water. It has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The cabins present a rustic but modern look, with beautiful wooden walls, stone features, and modern appliances. 

Another nice touch about the cabins is that they are both built using local resources from the surrounding woodland area.

If you want to get out a bit and enjoy what's nearby, there's still plenty to do. The property is close to several different golf courses, and Mont Tremblant is only a half-hour drive away.

So how much does a property this huge cost? Altogether, the massive lot, two log cabins, and private lake only run $2,328,000. That may still sound pricey, but considering all you're getting, it's a pretty fair deal.

The next time you're thinking about the finer things that life has to offer, just remember the double cabins, giant estate, and private lake.