21 Quebec Kids Were Rushed To The Hospital After A Mystery Illness Broke Out On Their Bus

Police suspect a possible carbon monoxide leak.
21 Quebec Kids Were Rushed To The Hospital After A Mystery Illness Broke Out On Their Bus
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Police in Gatineau, Quebec have confirmed that 21 elementary school students were taken to a local hospital after a possible carbon monoxide leak on a school bus. According to reports, at least five ambulances were dispatched to the scene at 10 a.m. on Friday morning, and a carbon leak is suspected in sending all 21 kids to the hospital.

The new report from CBC News confirms that the 21 young children have been hospitalized in Quebec, and it's believed that the possible carbon monoxide leak on their school bus is to blame. 

The children, who attend Ecole Saint-Jean Bosco in Gatineau, started reporting symptoms of headaches and nausea before local paramedics were called to the scene.

They weren't the only ones who responded. After being initially dispatched to the scene at around 10 a.m., Gatineau Police are now investigating whether there was a carbon monoxide problem on the vehicle. 

A total of 43 children were assessed by Outaouais paramedics at the scene, half of whom did not need to go to the hospital on Friday morning.

Reports from CTV News confirm that none of the hospitalized children’s symptoms are reported to be severe. 17 children have been sent to hospital in the Gatineau area, four others are believed to have been sent to hospital in Hull. 

They also report that the school board has already contacted parents regarding the potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

No official statement has been made yet.

Just days earlier, five people were hospitalized under similar circumstances in Halifax, after they were exposed to a carbon monoxide leak at an apartment building on Tuesday evening.

First responders were called to the building on Birches Drive around 5 p.m, where firefighters confirmed high levels of carbon monoxide had been detected.

Gatineau Police continue to investigate Friday morning's incident.

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