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Canadian Couple Gets Creative After Global Pandemic Cancels Their Wedding

"Even if it had been the end of the world, we would have found a way to get married."

Life in Canada seems like it's on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. That didn't stop a Quebec couple who married despite everything around them being cancelled and postponed. They went ahead with their wedding anyway and made the most of the impossible situation.

Marie-Eve ​​Leblanc and Jonathan Piccolo left their dance class on Sunday, March 15. It was less than a week before the scheduled date of their wedding.

After an entire year's preparation, everything was planned. Their first dance was  perfectly choreographed. The only thing to do was to wait for the big day.

But pandemics don't care about wedding plans. Just a few hours after leaving their class, the reality of COVID-19 dawned on them.

The engaged couple got a call from the manager of the reception hall they had rented. That's when they found out that their wedding, planned for March 21, 2020, was officially cancelled.

"When we got home, I collapsed. I simply went to bed in a small ball in my bed. We were talking about a year of preparation that fell apart," Marie-Eve said.

The next day, the couple called their vendors and suppliers with a heavy heart. They were undoing all the hard work they put into planning their 1920s-themed wedding.

After all the phone calls, they realized they weren't really upset about the wedding, exactly. More like they were gutted that they would not be married in the coming days.

“It was not the party ... which caused pain, it was going to be that we were not husband and wife on March 21, as planned. This is what has affected us," they said.

The officiant, who was a friend of the family, offered to marry the couple at home.

Once they realized they could get still married, they jumped at the chance. The didn't hesitate, even though they knew they would have to take great care to minimize the chances of spreading the disease

With Marie-Eve's parents as their witnesses, they went to the officiant for a quick but love-filled ceremony.

They even livestreamed the video so that all their loved ones could share it with them.

The couple's unique photos not only capture memories but also give meaning to the wedding.

"To take a photo in the street, in front of the house, with our gloves and our masks, it was like flipping off the disease and saying to it: you took our party away from us, but you have not taken away our love and sincerity," they said.

For the newlyweds, it was a perfect wedding, and they have no regrets.

Even though they had planned a traditional wedding complete with a chapel, reception, hair, makeup, music, etc.; all they needed was a simple ceremony to celebrate their love.

"No matter what happens in everyday life ... as long as love is there, you love yourself and that's the first reason why we get married, nothing can stop you. Even if it had been the end of the world, we would have found a way to get married," said the groom, Jonathan.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec.