This Gorgeous Quebec Home Costs Under $500K & Could Fit 23 Toronto Condos

You don't get value like this near the 6ix!
Quebec Home For Sale For Under $500K Has Enough Space To Fit 23 Toronto Condos

Owning a condo in Toronto often means dropping a lot of cash on not a lot of space. Well, forget all that. You could own this massive Quebec home for sale and it’s the size of 23 Toronto condos. Oh, and did we mention it’s affordable too?

The house features six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one-half bath. 

Not to mention the property has an enormous backyard complete with a deck, pool, fire pit area, and the cutest private gazebo.

You could seriously do so much with this indoor and outdoor space.

The average Toronto condo size was estimated at around 752 square feet by Royal LePage in August 2019. So you could fit almost 23 of those on the 17,245-square-foot lot of this dream home. 

When it comes to reasonably priced houses, we know Quebec has that game on lock. 

Our neighbouring province is filled with stunning homes that would easily cost $1,000,000 here in the 6ix. 

Even this amazing castle in PEI costs less than a Toronto condo. 

We might be packing our bags soon.

So if you’re craving wide-open spaces to chill in, you’re going to fall in love with this spot. 

And at $492,900, you’re going to fall in love with the price too.

[rebelmouse-image 25982939 photo_credit="Julie St-Laurent | Engel & V\u00f6lkers" expand=1 original_size="615x461"]

The home interior has a sleek modern vibe that feels crisp and clean. 

And the living room is big enough for a sectional couch. Hello, corner seat life!

[rebelmouse-image 25982940 photo_credit="Julie St-Laurent | Engel & V\u00f6lkers" expand=1 original_size="616x462"]

With ample windows, this spot gets plenty of natural light.

But, if we’re being honest, we’d be spending every waking moment in that epic backyard oasis. 

The house is just over five hours from Toronto and only one-and-a-half hours from Ottawa.

So if you want the benefits of country living but don’t want to be too far from a major city, this area is ideal.

[rebelmouse-image 25982941 photo_credit="Julie St-Laurent | Engel & V\u00f6lkers" expand=1 original_size="619x464"]

So there you have it. 

It sounds like we might need to brush up on our French skills ASAP.

Mirabel Home

Price: $492,900

Address: Mirabel, QC

Description: You could live it up in this massive Quebec home that could fit 23 Toronto condos inside of it. Just look at that perfect social backyard!

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