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A Lucky Quebec Lottery Winner Became A Millionaire Without Leaving His House

He says money won't change him, though.
Quebec Lottery Winner Becomes A Millionaire Overnight Without Leaving His House

People are looking for more things to do without leaving their house. "Making a million dollars" might be something at the top of the list, but that could never happen, could it? One Quebec lottery winner actually managed to pull it off.

Montérégie resident Yvon Thibert signed up for an online account with Loto-Québec so he could keep getting his regular tickets. One of them was for the Quebec 49 draw on May 16.

Thibert woke up the next morning and checked his account, only to see a whole bunch of zeroes. Overnight, he had become $2 million richer.

The first thing he did was tell his wife. They looked at the amount together and still couldn't believe it, but it was real.

So what does Thibert plan to do with his newly won riches? Not that much, as he plans to keep his lifestyle pretty much the same.

He told Patrice Lavoie, Corporate Director, Media and Public Affairs at Loto-Québec, that he plans to invest some of the money, which is always a smart move.

However, he will also be spending some of it to treat his kids and grandkids.

Thibert is not the biggest lottery winner in Quebec this year. That honour goes to Gregory Mathieu, a 22-year-old grocery clerk.

He struck it lucky and won $70 million in the Lotto-Max jackpot in February. He split it with seven of his family members, netting each of them $8,750,000.

Loto-Québec and OLG have been offering more ways to buy tickets and collect winnings online to ensure that people can follow social distancing guidelines.

While larger prizes have been put on hold, smaller prizes can still be collected either immediately or over the phone.

Winning ticket deadlines have also been extended to allow people more time to turn in their winning numbers for big cash prizes.

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