Quebec Will Start Reopening In May While Having The Most COVID-19 Cases In Canada

Retail stores and businesses are reopening next month.
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Quebec Will Start Reopening In May While Having The Most COVID-19 Cases In Canada

Even the hardest-hit place in the country is starting to get back to business. Quebec's reopening plans are set to kick-off in May, despite having the most COVID-19 cases in the whole of Canada. The province also has the highest number of deaths in the country.

On April 28, Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced the province's plans for reopening, and it all starts as early as next week.

Many businesses in the province will gradually open once again, with businesses in three major sectors reopening first.

According to Legault, that includes retail stores that aren't in shopping malls, construction and civil engineering companies, and manufacturing companies, plants and factories.

Retailers outside of the Montreal area will be allowed to reopen as early as May 4, while stores in Montreal can do the same a week later.

However, shopping malls will remain closed until further notice, except for stores with an outside entrance.

Legault confirmed that the reopening plan would be gradual so that Quebec's economy can restart without adding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The premier also mentioned that the situation is under control in the province, outside of long term care homes.

As of April 28, there were 24,982 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quebec. There have also been 1,599 deaths in the province.

Currently, that amounts to almost 51% of all confirmed cases in Canada, and almost 58% of all total fatalities. 

Along with retail locations, the entire construction sector in the province can reopen on May 11.

However, there will be restrictions on the number of workers that can be on each site. These restrictions will be lifted on May 25, 2020.

This announcement from the provincial government comes just one day after outlining plans to gradually reopen schools

Quebec is not the only province that has released plans to reopen the economy again.

Saskatchewan is starting up again on May 4, as part of a five-phase plan.

Medical services like dentistry will reopen in the first phase, along with low-risk outdoor activities like fishing and golfing.

For the next two to four weeks in New Brunswick, households can choose to spend time with one other household if both agree, health activities can resume and outdoor spaces can be used again.

If the curve remains flat in the province during that time, more measures will continue to be eased.

Ontario has released a three-step plan to reopen the economy, but there are no specific dates associated with it.

When asked about Legault reopening schools in Quebec, Ontario Premier Doug Ford confirmed he wouldn't do that in his province.