A Family Of 8 Gets To Share The Biggest Lotto Prize Ever Won In Quebec

The 22-year-old winner is splitting the money with his loved ones.
Lotto Max Jackpot Of $70 Million Is Going To Be Shared By A Family Of 8
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If you won $70 million would you share it? The Lotto Max jackpot from Tuesday night's draw is being split by a family of eight from Quebec. While it's still unclear exactly how they'll split the cash, they could be about to walk away with $8.75 million each. 

On February 26, Loto-Quebec announced that the winning ticket had been sold in the province making someone a whole lot richer.

After that, reports started to surface that the now-multi-millionaire was a 22-year-old from Quebec City.

According to CTV News, he found out about his incredible luck at the grocery store where he works and had to call his dad to drive him home because he was shaking.

However, the province's lottery corporation wouldn't say if a 22-year-old did, in fact, win the jackpot. However, a spokesperson confirmed on Twitter that a family of eight would be sharing the winnings.

That could mean one person won it and is giving each of their family members money out of the goodness of their heart or that the entire family went in on a ticket together and are therefore all entitled to their own piece of the prize.

Regardless of who exactly paid for the ticket, this family is now $70 million richer.

The winning ticket was sold for the Lotto Max draw on February 25.

This massive jackpot is the biggest one ever won in Quebec and the second time in less than two months that a $70 million prize has been up for grabs.

Along with the big money, eight different $1 million prizes were won in Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies and Atlantic Canada.

The odds of winning the Lotto Max jackpot are one in 33,294,800 per $5 play.

So, this family must be counting their lucky stars that they won big.

Loto-Quebec plans to hold a press conference on February 28 about the massive jackpot and the family that will be sharing the prize.

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