Listen up thrill-seekers, because exciting news is coming your way! You may have been on every rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland, but you've never been on a ride like this. The Quebec Vipère rollercoaster is opening next year, and it's Canada's most jawdropping new ride. Hold onto your hats, because this will turn your world upside-down, literally!

The ride will be Canada's first-ever free-fly rollercoaster and will bring guests a crazy experience like no other. Opening at the popular amusement park La Ronde in Montreal in 2020, this exciting new thrill is definitely a must-try.

You'll soar to heart-pounding new heights on this unique structure that takes you beyond the restrictions of a usual track. The twisting frame features winged carts where you can sit before travelling up a towering 107-foot lift. Get ready for the ride of your life, because once at the top, you'll suddenly be released into an adventure of free-falls, 360-degree spins, and a rippling track.

Some of the most notable excitements of the Vipère are the vertical drops and insane full spins. The best part is, once you finish the ride, you can right back on again for a totally different experience! Each winged vehicle spins on its own, making every ride unique.

Vipère is set to open in the spring of 2020, so start preparing your best screams. This will certainly be an unforgettable experience, and you may want to save the amusement park treats until after you get off.

Vipère Free-Fly Rollercoaster

Price: $71.99 per park day pass (prices may vary)

Address: 22 Chemin Macdonald Montréal, QC H3C 6A3

Why you need to go: Experience a whole new rollercoaster adventure on Canada's first-ever free-fly ride!