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You Can Ride Dune Buggies Through A Forest Trail In Quebec This Summer

Drive off-road for a thrilling adventure!
You Can Ride Dune Buggies Through A Forest Trail In Quebec This Summer

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? Message your BFF and invite them to go on a thrilling last-minute road trip with you. Just 2 hours from Ottawa or Montreal, Quebec's dune buggy rides will take you through a forest trail!

Mont Tremblant Village makes the perfect day trip or weekend getaway spot in the summer. In the summer there is so much to do from swimming at the beach, hiking, zip lining, or a luge track that feels just like playing Mario Kart! One not to miss activity while in Mont Tremblant is going on a dune buggy adventure!

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At Mont Tremblant Activity Centre in Mont Tremblant Village, you can book a dune buggy 4x4 tour. The extraordinary dune buggy tour lasts 1 1/2 hours where you will go on a trail through the mountains and a pine forest. You'll want to make sure to bring a camera, or action camera if you have one, as there will be tons of breathtaking panoramic views throughout the drive.

For the dune buggy excursion, you'll start by getting some training on how to drive the dune buggy, along with essential safety tips. Driving the dune buggy is rather simple; it is automatic and drives just like a car. So after the tour guide sees that you are comfortable driving the all-terrain buggy, you will be able to set off on the trail.

Compared to an ATV dune buggies have twice the horsepower, and better suspension so you can easily drive through tough terrain. Driving off-road you'll get to explore the Club Iroquois trails in the Laurentian Mountains. As you are driving off-road, things can get muddy, so make sure to dress suitably!

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For the dune buggy 4x4 tour the driver will need to be 18+ and have a valid driver's license. The buggy has four seats, and the price of the excursion depends on how many people are taking part. For 1 driver and a passenger, it is $167, while the fee for 1 driver and 3 passengers is $251 for the 1 1/2 hour tour.

The dune buggy tour at Mont Tremblant is available from May 18 to October 31, 2019. You can reserve your excursion online at the Mont Tremblant Activities Centre's website.

Dune Buggy Tour

Price: $62.75 if 4 people

When: May 18 to October 31

Address: Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Why you need to go: Experience the thrill of driving off-road through the forests!


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