"All French Canadians" Took To Twitter After Quebec's Premier Said They're All Catholic

People strongly disagreed.
Quebec Premier François Legault Said "All French Candians" Are Catholic & Twitter Responded

Quebec's Bill 21, which would ban all religious symbols being worn by government employees, has raised plenty of controversy, but recent remarks by Quebec Premier François Legault during a meeting with California's Governor have drawn some strong reactions from people on Twitter. 

In a conversation with Governor Gavin Newsom, Legault asked about Newsom's Catholicism. Newsom confirmed that he is a Catholic, to which Legault responded, "Me too. Of course, all French Canadians are."

At one point, the Quebec Premier said to Newsom, "We can talk about religious signs." However, the Governor did not want to take part in that conversation.

"No, that's a whole — an issue for you guys," Newsom said, "I don't want to get into that."

The remarks come at a time when debate about religion is ongoing in the province, as Bill 21 faces court challenges.

If written into law, the bill would prevent any government employee, including teachers, from wearing any sort of religious symbol. This would include hijabs and turbans.

Some civil rights groups have argued that the law violates the Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms, despite the notwithstanding clause written into Bill 21.

The Premier's conversation caught the attention of people on Twitter who expressed anger at the idea that all French Canadians are Catholic.

"I'm so tired of this moron being our PM. It's bullshit to say that all French Canadians are catholic. I was baptized, but I don't consider myself catholic, I'm an atheist. Legault is a bigot and I refuse to let him try to take us back to 1950. Fuck this dude," wrote Twitter user @SensiHannah.

"for someone who doesn't want to see religion, he sure talks a lot about it. since when are ALL french canadians catholic? quel incompétent 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️" wrote @ultmarie.

After "All French Canadians" began trending, some other Twitter users took the opportunity to talk about what else they think applies to "all French Canadians."

"All french Canadians ride a bicycle with a baguette and a bottle of wine sticking out of the basket while smoking 3 cigarettes, wearing a Habs jersey and a toque on a jaunty angle shouting "TABERNAK!" every 5 minutes... but some of them are agnostic," wrote @MeanwhileinCana.

"that's absolutely not true. half the time it's a box of poutine to go & a 4 pack of Maudite," replied @ringcycles.

Quebec's Court of appeal is set to make a decision on the bill on December 12.

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