Do you love Mario Kart? If so you need to try Quebec's Mario Kart Racetrack, it is a 1.4 km luge racetrack in Quebec. Driving on course you will race your friends, and it feels just like Mario Kart! In Mont Tremblant Village in Quebec, there is a Skyline Luge, which is an exhilarating racetrack down a mountain!

The Luge track is 2 hours away from Ottawa and Montreal, located in the picturesque Laurentian mountains. Along the 1.4 km race course, you can enjoy the incredible views of Mont Tremblant Resort.

The racetrack goes down the mountain, so you need to will need to take a chair lift to the start of the course. Next, everyone goes through some basic training on how to drive your three-wheel luge cart before racing your friends down the hill.

Pulled down by gravity the course has plenty of twists and turns to navigate as you race against your friends to the bottom of the mountain! Even if you are an excellent driver navigating the 24 corners at top speeds will be challenging, because driving a luge cart is different than a car. One thing is for sure, one race down the hill won't be enough as it is so much fun.

Skyline Luge in Mont Tremblant was the first Luge attraction in North America. Now they have two locations in Canada, Mont-Tremblant and Calgary, and tracks in Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand!

While Mont Tremblant is known as a popular winter destination for skiing, it is also a fantastic spot to visit in the summer. In addition to the Luge course, at Mont Tremblant, there is plenty to do including visit the beaches, enjoy water sports, try rock climbing, go on dune buggy tours or a zip line!

Skyline Luge is open from May 18 to October 14, 2019. One luge ride is $17.00 per person, or you can buy a 4 luge pass for $26.00. The course is 2 hours from Ottawa, and 1.5 hours away from Montreal, making it perfect for a weekend day trip this summer. So time to message your friends and challenge them to a race!

Skyline Luge Mont Tremblant

Price: $17.00 per person

When: May 18 to October 14, 2019

Address: 1000 Chemin Des Voyageurs, Quebec, Canada

Why you need to go: This race track will make you feel like you are playing Mario Kart in real life!