You Can Go Biking Through The Treetops This Summer In Quebec

Fly through the trees on these "sky bikes" 🌳🚲
You Can Go Biking Through The Treetops This Summer In Quebec

Summer is the season of the year that's most-devoted to adventure. The long, sunny days make it easy to get out there and explore! There's a place in Quebec where you can get heart-pumping adventure just by pumping your legs.

VéloVolant is a bike zip-line through the trees and it's a must-see this summer. The 1 KM cable path circuit is suspended in the trees. You'll cross ravines, waterfalls and cycle along the mountains and forest. Imagine riding side-by-side with your best friend or s/o, gliding through the trees like a bird! You'll be treated to amazing views of the forest and nearby mountains. Those with a fear of heights need not attempt this adventure.

Biking through the forest canopy sounds way better than mountain biking or even a hiking trip. This is your chance to get a whole new perspective on our Canadian forests. This spot makes a perfect trip from Ottawa since it's just a 4-hour drive away. They even have adorable pod cabins that you can stay in overnight!

If you're planning a trip to Quebec this summer, then you have to check out this spot. There's also magical zoo and beach illuminated night walks that you have to see to believe. Plus, don't forget about this insane spot where you can sleep in a a bubble amongst the trees! Quebec really has their nature experiences on-point.

Feel like flying through the treetops this summer? You can book your sky bike experience online and the cost is $50 per person. This is the only place of its kind in Canada and it's totally worth a road trip this summer. 

For more information and to find yourself amongst a canopy of green trees this summer, check out their website.