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You Can Float Through A Magical Water Maze In Quebec This Summer

All the chill of floating without a soggy bottom 😍
You Can Float Through A Magical Water Maze In Quebec This Summer

Summer is all about finding new adventures and new ways to keep cool as temperatures soar. There are a ton of amazing lazy rivers in Ontario where you can kick back, soak up the sun and enjoy the view. However, if you want all the chill without getting wet, then you have to check out this magical water maze just outside of Ottawa!

Éco-Odyssée in Wakefield, Quebec offers paddleboat and canoe rentals so you can explore their unbelievable natural water maze. Little water pathways cut through a marshy beaver habitat and you can even spot wildlife as you navigate a course through the maze. This is a great date-night idea and a good excuse to get out on the water this summer!

There are plenty of adventures available through Éco-Odyssée and you can choose your level of difficulty. Whether you want to go on a wildlife scavenger hunt through the marsh or just chill through the winding marshy maze, there's an activity here that's perfect for you this summer. 

You can go on a magical marsh maze adventure this summer! They are taking bookings from Saturday, June 15 to Monday, September 2. You can rent either a paddleboat ($90.50 for 2 people) or a canoe ($30 for 2 people) This spot is just a 30-minute drive from Ottawa and will make for an amazing day trip. They're only open in the summer so you should book a spot ASAP to get in on this incredible experience.

For more information and to book your water maze adventure, check out the Éco-Odyssée website.

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