Doug Ford Said He'd Help Lockdown Protesters "Pack Their Bags" If They Don't Like Canada

He was mad about an upside down flag.
Queens Park Protest Members Told To "Pack Their Bags" If They Don't Like Canada

Doug Ford is still not happy with Ontarians flouting social distancing. Another Queen's Park protest took place today, and something they did really set off the premier. He let them and everyone else know exactly how he felt.

During a May 2 press conference, which mostly covered the issue of spring flooding in Ontario, Ford was asked about the new batch of protesters outside of Queen's Park.

He expressed that he understood the frustrations of people who want to get back to work and that he isn't necessarily against any form of protest.

However, he noted that what really upset him this time was seeing the Canadian flag being flown upside down.

"That's the utmost disrespect to our men and women who are overseas fighting for our freedoms," Ford said.

Ford expressed that doing so showed disrespect not only to the Canadian Armed Forces but to all Canadians "who have been united through this challenge."

"That's what really burns me up," the premier said, "if they want to fly our flag upside down, they don't respect our country, I'll be the first to help them pack their bags and they can find a country that they want."

He also made reference to the NATO helicopter crash that took place in Greece and the service members working in long-term care homes. 

Similarly to last week's protest, Ford said he could not direct the police on how to handle people in front of Queen's Park, but that he hoped law enforcement and bylaw officers would do their job.

The premier had previously referred to a group of lockdown protesters outside of the Ontario Legislative Building as "a bunch of yahoos."

The premier's choice words, much like Trudeau's infamous "speaking moistly" moment, were turned into a song that also featured Nova Scotia premier's Stephen McNeil's "stay the blazes home" line.