Rachel McAdams is like a unicorn in Hollywood. Beautiful, smart, talented, CANADIAN, and for some reason a recluse to the limelight. With little to no open social media accounts and almost no sightings when she's not promoting a new project it's no surprise that the star could be 7 months pregnant and not have a single person (outside of her own circles) know. 

And that seems to be exactly the case for Rachel. Hollywood Life reported that the 39-year-old star is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jamie Linden. For anyone who might not know who that is, he's an American screenwriter known for the penning the Channing Tatum movie "Dear John".

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According to Life & Style the couple was spotted out at dinner at Staplehouse in Atlanta on Feb. 13, where an eyewitness claimed “she looked to be at least 7 months pregnant,”. “When they were leaving, somebody asked Rachel if she knew if she was having a boy or girl,” the witness continued, “and she said she didn’t know!”

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And while it's not the leading man we expected (hoped and prayed for) for our Notebook heroine, we hope Rachel and Jamie have a happy and healthy pregnancy and are even more excited than we are about the newest addition to their little family! 

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Source: Hollywood Life