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Rachel McAdams' Life In Toronto Is Actually So Relatable

She's nothing like Regina George IRL.
Rachel McAdams' Life In Toronto Is Actually So Relatable

Although it's been 15 years since Mean Girls came out, I know more than a few people who still quote the movie as if it was released just yesterday. Of course, the movie wouldn't be what it was without the amazing talent of the cast, especially Canadian actress Rachel McAdams. Rachel McAdams' Toronto life is not much different from yours.

In Mean Girls, McAdams may have portrayed a spoiled rotten, filthy rich, popular high-school blonde, but in real life, she's anything but. In fact, the actress doesn't even own a car (who wants to drive in Toronto anyways?!), she just rides her bike everywhere!

If you're hoping to spot McAdams out on her bike in the 6ix, she's been known to frequent the Annex, the Don Valley pedestrian path, Evergreen Brickworks Kensington Market, and even down on King Street, particularly during TIFF, which happens to be going on right now!

When she's not riding her bicycle, preparing for her next big role, or taking care of her infant son, McAdams finds plenty of ways to keep busy in the big city. She's always been open about her love of Toronto's food scene and is often spotted at the Eastern Mediterranean restaurant Byblos on Duncan Street.

When preparing for her role as Dr. Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange, McAdams spent a lot of time at the Toronto comic book store The Beguiling. The actress also likes to visit Cafe Belong for an occasional cup of tea, especially on a cozy fall day.

McAdams' last project was the action comedy film Game Night, which was released in 2018. She's currently filming a comedy called Eurovision, in which she plays Sigrit Ericksdottir, and it's rumoured that she'll be taking on the role of Irene Adler in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes 3 film.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the starlet riding her bike around Toronto, especially now that TIFF has begun!

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