A Youth Hockey Coach Had The Best Response To A Racist Text From A Player's Dad

The text even contained the words, "I'm not racist or anything, but..."
Racist Hockey Dad Sends Brutal Text To His Son's Coach & Receives The Best Response

Being a youth hockey coach can be a pretty difficult job. Not only would you have to make sure that all of the kids are doing well and getting along, but you also have to deal with angry hockey parents. Sure, the majority of parents whose kids are in sports will be friendly, but every so often one of them goes way too far. In one recent case, a racist hockey dad decided that his son shouldn't be coached by a Muslim.

Talha Javaid, a 23-year-old youth hockey coach from Windsor, travels to East Lansing, Michigan to offer hockey training sessions to kids between five- and eight-years-old, according to Yahoo!. Javaid, along with his friend Sebastian Nystrom, pays for the ice time out of their own pockets. After one of these sessions, Javaid received a text from a parent of one of the kids he coaches.

"I'm not racist or anything but I don't feel comfortable with you teaching him or the influence you will have on him," the text from a father identified as "Chase" read, "It's hockey right? It makes more sense if it's not some Muslim guy teaching it."

The text then went on to suggest that if Javaid was coaching cricket then it would be fine. The father also said that he hoped Javaid would resign, as his position as a hockey coach apparently "goes against tradition." He also wrote that if Javaid did not resign, then he would pull his son, Riley, from the team.

Javaid did not take the text lightly, sending his own response back to the father. "Ya know something, I'm disappointed," Javaid begins his text. He followed that up by calling out the father for literally saying "I'm not racist" then following it up with "racist and xenophobic nonsense."

"Want to be rude to me? Fine. Go ahead," Javaid writes, "I'm used to it but for the love of god, at least think about Riley and what mindset and mentality you're putting in his head." Javaid then writes that he will not be resigning and that he thinks the father is being "absolutely ridiculous."

Javaid expresses more concern over what this kind of behaviour will do for Riley, who he calls "a good kid," before saying, "please think hard about what you just said and never talk to me about this again for both of our sakes."

Javaid posted the text exchange to his Twitter feed, writing "man imagine waking up on a Friday and essentially being like 'yooo, im gonna go be a racist ass muppet today and tell someone they shouldnt coach hockey because they’re not white, cant wait!!'"

The tweet has been liked over 52,000 times and retweeted over 9,000 times. It was even shared by Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks.

"And they try to convince us racism doesn’t exist anymore or in hockey," Kane wrote on Twitter, "Keep coaching and doing your thing because sooner rather than later there will be a lot more people in all areas of hockey that look different then the 'traditional way'."

Javaid also received a message of support from Minnesota Wild player JT Brown, who replied to a message from Javaid, saying "Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story with me. We are all more alike than we are different. It means a lot to have fans like you. Good luck this season."

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