It's no secret that exes can cause some serious drama. We've all read some pretty crazy stories about celeb splits, but this one is the next level. If you haven't heard about the Los Angeles Rams Star Robert Woods restraining order yet, you might want to sit down for this one.

According to TMZ Sports, the pro athlete obtained a protective order against his ex-girlfriend Ca'Ron Fowlkes after she allegedly showed up on his property and tried to coax him outside. However, the order expired this past week.

Woods claimed the appearance was a set up to jump him with her friends.

Security footage from Woods's home shows Fowlkes outside his gates at 1 am, crouched down and hiding with two others, who were covering their faces in order to avoid getting picked up by security cameras. 

Woods claims this isn't the first time his ex showed up on his property uninvited. She came late at night before and kept ringing the gate box nonstop throughout the night to draw him out. After he answered her calls to come outside, Fowlkes cussed him out, insinuating she wanted to fight.

After the football player called 911 in the latest incident, his ex quickly left, but police found her wandering around near Robert's home address shortly after. 

Woods also claims that his ex is threatening his wife via email and social media. He received a temporary restraining order against Ca'Ron, stating that she must stay at least 100 yards away from him, his wife, and his place of work. 

TMZ states that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the scenario. 

Robert Woods, his wife, and Ca'Ron Fowlkes have not issued a public statement on this event. Narcity is following this story for additional information. Stay tuned for additional updates. 

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