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A Super Rare Bird Is Just Chilling On Vancouver Island Right Now

The yellow-browed warbler has birders coming from all over to see it!
Rare Bird On Vancouver Island Has Bird Watchers Coming From All Over For A Glimpse

Anyone with a love of spotting rare animals in the wild might want to consider heading out to British Columbia. They could join up with some of the avid bird watchers who have been trying to catch a glimpse of an extremely rare bird on Vancouver Island.

These birders (as they like to be called) are trying to find a yellow-browed warbler that has apparently made a home on the island. While most people wouldn't be able to tell one bird from another, experts are flocking to try and photograph this warbler on the west coast.

This is not one of your average Canadian birds. The yellow-browed warbler has never appeared in Canada before, making this a huge deal for bird enthusiasts. The warbler breeds in southeast Asia and usually migrates west, sometimes settling in parts of Europe. 

While some have been seen in parts of the United States, none have come as far as the one settled on Vancouver Island

Jeff Gaskin and Geoffrey Newell, two local birders who spotted the warbler on October 18, told the Times Colonist that this sighting was a "mega-rarity."

"First glimpse, I knew it was something very rare. I knew it was a bird that wasn’t from North America," Newell said.

Kristen Mills, another person who spotted the warbler in Panama Flats, told CTV News, "People are coming from Vancouver and people are booking flights because people come from all over North America to see these kinds of rarities."

"There are a lot of people in North America – and around the world – that keep lists of the birds that they have seen in a certain region and the opportunity for people to have seen this type of species in North America is extremely limited," Ann Nightingale, another birder told CTV.

She also noted that people are flying to Vancouver just to see if they can get their own view of this rare bird.

No one knows how long the bird will stick around, but it's obvious that there are plenty of dedicated people who want to catch a glimpse of the rare warbler.

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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