Rats Are Taking Over In Canada & There's Even More On Their Way

New research has found that rat populations are thriving in Canada.
Rats In Canada Are Totally Thriving & It's Going To Get Much Worse
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If you’ve been hearing an unusual amount of scuffling recently or have felt a sneaky presence around your home or garden, you’re definitely not alone. As it turns out, Canada’s rat population is surging, and they’re becoming braver than ever. A recent survey of Canada's Public Health Inspectors found that rats in Canada are totally thriving, and it's not just Toronto's problem.

Back in 2018, Toronto experienced what some people called “The Summer of Rats,” during which the city’s critter population seemed to grow considerably.

Now, it seems that this problem is becoming a Canada-wide issue, as a new study has uncovered thriving rat populations across the whole country.

According to new research from Abell Pest Control, Canada's Public Health Inspectors are reporting a considerable rise in rodent sightings, with around 10% more rat complaints coming in over the past three years.

If this is not bad enough for rodent-fearing Canadians, the report predicts that things are going to get much, much worse.

In fact, Canadian Public Health Inspectors expect to see an increase of around 14% in rat infestations over the next 3 years alone. Yikes!

According to the study, 75% of Canada’s Public Health Inspectors claim that complaints about the little house invaders are on the rise in apartments, and more than 66% made the same statement for private homes.

This follows a continuous surge in rodent populations in Toronto, where numbers have more than doubled since 2012. While Toronto doesn't have an official estimation of its rat population, it is by far Ontario’s “rattiest” city, according to Orkin pest control's 2018 data.

Back in September, a rat infestation in North York actually got so bad that residents were too afraid to leave the house. One local resident even admitted to catching as many as 19 of the creepy critters in just a few short weeks.

According to the study, the greatest frustration for Health Inspectors in Canada is the “lack of public knowledge and awareness of rats” and an “inadequate source of public education and preparedness to tackle this issue.”   

"There has been a consistent increase in the number of calls we receive for rats and an 8% spike in 2019 alone," explained Mike Heimbach from Abell Pest Control.

If you’re noticing this problem in your area getting worse, this is to be expected, says Abell Pest Control. “Late fall is when rats normally try to get into people's homes or businesses for the winter," the company confirmed.

Their best advice for dealing with the rat-problem in Canada is simple: remove food sources. 

"Rats have a very healthy appetite so keeping garbage in sealed containers and elimination of water sources is a must if you want to discourage this pest from your property," Abell suggests.

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Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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